Writing an HTML Email.

A beautifully designed email can do wonders to your marketing campaign. But, writing an HTML email can be overwhelming  and challenging -even if you are CSS/HTML expert. As a web-designer, you won’t be happy with the compromises you’ll have to make when designing for email.

Here are a few tips for designing/coding your first HTML email:

  1. Always use simple text editor like notepad for coding.  You could use WYSIWYG style tools to generate HTML, like Adobe Dreamweaver. But the disadvantages is they, often throw in lots of  self generated code which not all email client would render.
  2. Set Email layout width between 500-600 px.
  3. Use simple HTML layout such as  tables instead of divs.
  4. Email clients will strip out your <HTML>, <HEAD>, and <BODY> tags, in order to keep email code from interfering with their web pages. That is any CSS specified in <BODY> tag will not be rendered.
  5. Use minimal images. Not all images appear during display, remember not to put important text, headline or link as an image.
  6. Always provide a presentable Text version of the HTML email.
  7. TEST your email for cross-client compatibility before sending, remember, it can’t be called back.

Tools to Test Email Templates:

Fractal, validates HTML emails across all major clients and fixes known email quirks. The last step is to test for cross-client compatibility.

On-line software’s such as Email on Acid and  Litmus provides email previews across email clients.

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