Webinars for lead generation

There are several steps involved in organizing an event like webinar:

Better Leads with Webinars

  1. Selecting industry relevant topic
  2. Finding an industry expert speaker/presenter
  3. Creating  landing page with lead capture form
  4. Setting up pre and post email campaigns
  5. Most important – PROMOTING

But, for any event to be successful you need to find right audience and promote it.

If your webinar is for lead generation any of the below would help in promoting:

  • Blogging – ask the industry expert to write a blog post to promote the webinar
  • Social media: promote it on all your social channels
  • Paid advertisements: Google ads
  • Contact the list owner of popular newsletter and advertise.

Also, sharing free content with the registrants such as ebook or whitepaper helps in  making them better leads.

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