Visual Design – an essential element in Web design

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

Most of us have to deal with changing fonts ,button colors and images after the website uploaded. We have to put in extra hours and efforts to fix the changes according to the client’s need. These changes could have been easily avoided by creating visual mock-ups after the wireframes.

Why do we need these Mock-ups?

There are various advantages of creating these mock-ups . Firstly, it gives clients’ a clear idea on what to expect in terms of color, graphics and fonts. It will also give you an opportunity to  explain why you have selected a particular font or a color or even a graphic. Second, as a designer it will give you more indepth understanding of  your client’s business, and vision. Since every web project is unique in it’s goals and needs, it’s very important for us as designers to understand clients’ goal. Our designs should reflect the same.

So next time you move towards coding consider doing a visual mock for your clients.

No matter what client’s need – the end result of the website should be a pleasant and engaging user experience.

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