New Blogger : 3 blog metrics you should care about

If you are new to blogging measuring blog success could be challenging. Apart from creating content, promoting and engaging readers, you need to set some weekly, bi-weekly and monthly success metrics to measure your blog’s success.

Which metrics to measure? Well, it depends on your business goals and requirements.

Below are the three metrics that can be relevant to any online business presence. As new bloggers you should focus on:

Number of visitors
Tracking number visits gives you an idea on how your blog traffic is growing. It also lets you know how popular your content is or if, you need a new content marketing strategy. Generally, it’s true, higher the number of visitor the more successful the blog but, it’s also important to attract right audiences to get returning visitors.

Time on site
How long a visitor stays on your site is considered a key indication of how successful that site is in attracting relevant visitors. Knowing how much time your visitor spend on the site helps you understand the involvement and level of interest your reader has with the content.
Another metrics, which would be relevant along with time on site is bounce rate.

Top viewed post
To create great content you need to know, what kind of content resonates with your readers. Look at your top performing blog posts – what do they have in common?
Top viewed post metrics will let you decide on what to publish next and which kind of posts will generate more traffic.

Creating relevant content, promoting, engaging, measuring with goal specific metrics and optimizing can help your blog in the long run.

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