More leads or high quality leads?

One of the factors affecting goal conversions of the landing page is the size of the lead capture form.

A shorter form usually results in more form fills, resulting in more leads as compared to form with more fields.

But the quality of the leads will be better when visitor is willing to complete more forms fields and provide you more information. The longer forms would generally result in fewer but good quality leads.

lead quality

To determine what works better for your business, one of the option would be conducting an A/B test on quantity vs higher quality leads. Involve your sales and marketing team in the discussion on the kind of lead volume you expect from the campaign.

Implementing progressive profiling would be another option. With progressive profiling you can collect new information every time visitor fills in the form. This will keep the form short and easy to complete.

Test and change, this will help you determine what kind of forms your visitors are attracted towards.

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