Why List Segmentation?

Is list segmentation necessary?

Well, once you have leads sitting in your database, you need to engage them with your brand. And that’s where segmentation and lead nurturing plays an important role. Segmentation is breaking lists (contacts or customers) into smaller groups. It’s the contact/customer characteristics that set them apart.

Segmentation can only be done on the information you have on the contact or customer. You can use segmentation to grow and scale your email marketing strategy and there are different ways marketers choose to segment data:

  1. Demographics
  2. Psychographics
  3. Job Title
  4. Company Size
  5. Web Behavior
  6.  Buyers Journey
  7. Purchase History
  8. New Subscriber
  9. Inactivity
  10. Abandoned Shopping Cart
  11. Brick-and-Mortar Customers
  12. Customer Lifetime Value

Proper segmentation allows you to send relevant message to the contact at right time with personalized touch. Goal of segmentation should be converting leads into customers or engaging customers for brand awareness and not generating leads.

Reasons for segmentation

  • To know where your contact stands in your content marketing strategy, it’s always a good idea to use list segmentation to personalize, nurture and engage.=
  • In email marketing, segmentation helps in  maintaining sender reputation.
  • Increases your brand reputations and engagement as you are building personally communication with your recipient
  • Your contacts are at different stages of sales cycle, using segmentation, you can send them information and communications depending on the position they are at in your sales funnel.
  • Email marketing still has highest return on investment in the digital marketing, if you can enhance it even further via segmentation you’re setting your business for success.
  • Sending personalized communications results in increased sales.

One of the strategies that companies can use to boost the efficiency of email marketing campaigns is segmentation. Segmentation is not always necessary, especially if you are promoting same product to the entire customer base. But, if your campaign or promotion is for specific targeted set of audience – by segmenting your list, you’ll achieve better result, increased email open rates, lower opt-out and most importantly, greater revenue.

Like every individual, every business is different and requires different marketing strategy. Implement ,Test and Measure what works best for your business needs.


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